Perhaps it was the years spent living in Paris that inspired Julia Cavalieri to change her career and become an artist.

It was only on her return to South Africa that she moved away from the corporate world and began to paint.

Self taught to a large extent, Julia has experimented with different mediums and over the years has become increasingly abstract. She prefers working on large canvases using oils and mixed media, producing expressive images that are evocative rather than literal.

Her recent exploration of sculpture has added a new dimension to her work as demonstrated by the ‘SHADOW NESTS’ sculpture and perspex art installation in this catalogue.

Working predominantly on her own in a studio situated at the back of an Automotive workshop, her new body of work, SHADOW NESTS follows on from NESTS OF TIME.

Julia ‘s work is on display locally and abroad.


SAN DIEGO ART FAIR 2018 – Outstanding International Artist

julia cavalieri